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Dylan Newcomb (Founder-Director)

Freeport, Maine, United States of America United States
Welcome! I am passionate about helping people step into their own full power, clarify and deepen their relationships and realize their creative potential. Allow yourself to be surprised by how deeply things can shift for you in even just one UZAZU session! If you are serious about changing something in your life, then schedule a free consultation with me and let's see what we can do together.

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Personal Development, Relationships, Life Transitions, Creative Entrepreneurship

About Dylan

Dylan Newcomb is the founder and director of the UZAZU Mind-Body Method, a highly integrative, research-based method of working with sound, breath, movement and mental imagery to identify and rapidly shift emotional and behavioral imbalances and significantly increase performance. Trained at the prestigious Juilliard School in both dance and music composition, Dylan was a multi-award-winning choreographer and composer in the Netherlands for over a decade. Generously funded by the Dutch government, Dylan went on to found a mind-body research lab where he conducted cross-cultural research exploring the connection between vocal sounds, breath and movement with specific emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns across hundreds of subjects. His striking discoveries were synthesized into the UZAZU mind-body method, in which he has now trained more than 2,000 people worldwide. Dylan integrates a wealth of unique, practical mind-body knowledge and skill in his ‘whole-person/whole-life’ approach to coaching and human potential and is renown for the exceptional skill, insight and compassion he offers both clients and students.

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UZAZU is a way to be more vibrantly alive and fully engaged with life by transforming limiting beliefs and negative emotions on a whole-person, psycho-neurobiological level. By combining thoughts and imagery with simple movements of key parts of the body (our hands and mouth area possess the most sensory-motor neuronal connections to the brain) UZAZU empowers people to rapid re-wire connections throughout the brain-body and transform their most instinctual negative reactions into positive, integrated responses. UZAZU was developed through years of lab-based research with hundreds of subjects (funded by the Dutch government) into how specific physical movements can be used to influence thought, emotion and behavior. UZAZU’s mental and physical “integrative re-patterning” is simple yet powerful and can be done by anyone. Its potent combination of simple movement and mental imagery doesn’t require any physical fitness or pre-existing skills and positive results are typically experienced within the first session with a Facilitator. UZAZU can be used to support any emotional or behavioral change you’re trying to make in your life. By engaging your mind and body as one whole system, UZAZU offers a fluid, integrated, and powerful practice for shifting your patterns at their most fundamental level. Continue to: Is UZAZU a good fit for me?


If you’re already on board with a holistic view of your life, your own mind-body connection, and integrative health in general, UZAZU will likely ‘speak to you’ right away. People who have already explored various other holistic approaches, including yoga, meditation, bodywork and alternative health and healing, are very often thrilled to discover that UZAZU exists. Many of us, consciously or not, have been searching for a truly integrative life practice that can “bring it all together” for us: deeper self-awareness, healing old emotional wounds, cultivating positive mental-emotional states, shifting our mood on the spot, learning critical interpersonal skills, and deepening relationships. UZAZU is grounded in the notion that transforming negative, destructive patterns of thought, emotion and behavior into positive, life supporting patterns requires us to engage our mental, emotional and physical levels simultaneously in a way that’s profoundly integrative yet quick to learn and easy to do. A roughly even number of men and women, with both intuitive and artistic as well as logical and analytical personality types, and from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds bring a rich variety and depth to the community of interactive users in UZAZU’s online courses and live retreats. Many established therapists, coaches and healers are active members of the UZAZU facilitator and coaching community. UZAZU clients are typically amazed by how easily and rapidly they are able to experience profound shifts with UZAZU as compared to traditional talk-based therapies and coaching approaches. If you have a genuine interest in your own personal growth–and/or have some personal issue you are wanting to see change sooner than later–and you are open and willing to not just sitting and talking about it, but standing up and actively involving your whole body and mind in the process of shifting things, then it is likely that UZAZU will be exciting, uplifting, and deeply transformative for you. Continue to: What can UZAZU help me with?


By working on the physical, emotional and mental levels simultaneously, UZAZU is uniquely effective for a broad range of issues and challenges. UZAZU Certified Coaches are trained and practiced in helping you identify key growth opportunities and rapidly increase balance and integration across what we call ‘The Eight Life Areas’:

Health & Vitality

Access your innate power and confidence with deep sensitivity and relaxation

Love & Relationships

Cultivate deep connection and intimacy with strong, healthy boundaries

Self & Empowerment

Find your full creative expression while honoring and caring for your needs

Learning & Play

Embrace life as a playground and opportunity for constant learning

Contribution & Work

Find your purpose and work with passion

Community & Support

Deepen your connections and amplify your contributions

Meaning & Purpose

Share your gifts with purpose and passion

Spirituality & Wholeness

Find peace through expanded awareness Continue to: Why is UZAZU so effective?


Over fifty percent of all our motor-sensory nerves extend from the brain-stem into the hands, face, and mouth. UZAZU uses these key elements of the mind-body system as leverage points to rewire your whole brain and nervous system. In this way, UZAZU can help you fundamentally change how you act, think, and feel. Instead of getting triggered into instinctual reactions that no longer serve you, with UZAZU you are able to consciously respond to your circumstances and environment. Neurons that fire together, wire together. In memory terminology, an experience becomes “encoded” by the firing of neurons in groups. The more often these neural clusters, or “neural net profiles,” fire, the more likely they are to fire together in the future. -- Dr. Dan Siegel By triggering new neuronal patterning, you are able to create new patterns of thinking, feeling, being, and doing in your life. UZAZU is a basic users manual for monitoring and modifying your states of embodied awareness and action–you’ll be able to shift how are you being and doing in the world on a mental, emotional and physical level–whether that’s in your personal relationships with friends and family, or at work with your colleagues, employees, and partners. Continue to: What can I expect in my session?


These intro sessions are designed to give you more than a ‘taste’ of UZAZU -- our intention is to work collaboratively with you to not only discover and uncover core patterns or issues that have been holding you back from your full presence and power, but also to provide you with lasting insight to give you leverage to actually begin to create a shift in your life. While every session is unique, each UZAZU-based session will typically take you through four basic phases: Phase 1 - Invitation: Verbal Sharing and Reflecting You can expect to start off spending some time talking with your UZAZU coach so that they can work with you to better understand your main challenges and desires. Phase 2 - Exploration: Letting the Body ‘Speak’ Next your facilitator will invite you to do some simple movement and breaths, together with imagining your situation, to reveal any deeper layers of memory, emotion and ‘pent-up energy’ that may be connected with the issue(s) at hand. This process of ‘going deeper’ is essential for uncovering those crucial layers of what is truly going on in you that you can’t access by simply talking about the issue. Phase 3 - Initiation: Engaging Deeply Using guided UZAZU movements, statements and visualizations, you’ll immediately start to ‘re-pattern’ your body-mind. As you’ll discover, these movements allow for powerful transformation at a core level. Your UZAZU Facilitator will guide you towards developing the awareness and skills you need to become competent in taking on your current challenges and opportunities. You will then be already well along your path of moving forward–with grace, ease, and the ability to respond appropriately as you go ‘back out into the world’. Phase 4 - Integration: Promise and Possibility Now that you’ve gotten clear on the issue, discovered the core of why and how it is present in your life and your mindbody system, and had the opportunity to fully embody and experience the ability to shift this pattern, you and your Facilitator will take stock of where you’re at -- what’s changed, what new opportunities and possibilities are now available to you, and how to proceed from the session into your life. You may also receive some UZAZU ‘homework’ -- simple practices you can do on your own for as long as you feel called -- whether that’s for a few minutes a day or a much longer exploration to take your work even deeper. Now that you’ve learned the basics about how UZAZU works and why this free UZAZU session is an incredible opportunity to move forward towards greater integration and happiness in your life, you are invited to click the “Schedule a session now” button below. (If you still have any questions before you get started, you’ll see another button below to do that.) Basic Session Logistics: Introductory sessions typically last about 75-90 minutes. At the end of your session your Facilitator will discuss various options for you to continue working together if you so desire. While your free session will be immensely powerful and give you meaningful insight and clarity, ongoing support and guidance over time has proven to be the most effective means to ensure lasting change for our clients. We look forward to an exceptionally fruitful process together! To your health, happiness, and vitality, The UZAZU Team

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