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  • A clear and simple method for working with core patterns using energy, movement, sound and breath.
  • Guided processing with Dylan of an issue that’s really “up” for you right now, using the UZAZU Change Facilitation Flow.
  • Clear instructions for using UZAZU to rapidly shift your state and energy, so that you’re empowered to better meet the needs of each moment.
  • Walking you through applying the UZAZU mind-body method to the eight key areas of your life.
  • Instant access to the complete set of all five webinar recordings, which you can use as interactive online coaching sessions to support your personal practice, or your work with clients.

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You’ll receive a series of five video sessions with UZAZU founder, Dylan Newcomb. You’ll learn the fundamentals of deep embodiment, have a guided Change Facilitation session, apply UZAZU to the eight key areas of your life, and learn about how UZAZU is used in coaching and therapeutic work.

UZAZU participants talk about it’s impact

“In less than one hour, it gives my clients the learning and personal growth that otherwise can take months. ….they come out the other side with radical awareness and alignment. It’s a fantastic way to help them gain insight and move through personal challenges.”
Co-Founder, Evolution Playground
Alex Iglecia, Co-Founder, Evolution Playground

“For me, UZAZU Change Facilitation puts things in perspective. Boom. It is like suddenly I just simply get it. Not only from a mind perspective but also from a heart perspective. And for me, my work is so much stronger and more beautiful now, seeing people go with the natural flow.”
Therapist and Healer
Ann von Staffeldt

“This system is so vital, fresh and organic. When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. UZAZU deserves to be studied by anyone with a serious interest in promoting mind-body integration.”
President Emeritus of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Larry Stoler, PhD, DCEP

“Dylan has re-calibrated my whole embrace of integral practice with his insights gained from weaving the wisdom of integral with the eternal wisdom of the I Ching. Even one day of UZAZU can heal, awaken and open new energy pathways that pay bio-psycho-cultural-social dividends. The rewards keep coming.”
Founder/director, Integral City
Marilyn Hamilton PhD. CGA

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