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Learn & Practice | UZAZU

Learning & Practice

UZAZU personal growth courses, coaching and professional trainings help everyone fully embody their own (and others’) potential!

Weekly Online UZAZU Class

UZAZU practice is about expanding the range of how you show up and engage with life so you can access the greater vitality, connection and joy that each moment can bring! Weekly live online UZAZU classes are for anyone with an interest, inkling, or passion for embodiment and mind-body integration.

Whether you are brand new to UZAZU or have been doing it for years already – this basic weekly online class is the best way to experience the benefits of this unique approach and develop a consistent practice – all for less than the price of a Yoga Class! Click below and read more about the Weekly Online Class and how you can get started right away.

Tell me more about the Weekly Online Class


Private Coaching with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb

Dylan is masterful in his coaching. As the founder and creator of UZAZU, whatever it is that you want to experience more of (or less of) in your life, he can help you. Dylan specializes in helping people create rapid shifts in their life, using a combination of deep, embodied sensing, powerful discussion, and having you engage in laser-focused movement and visualization combinations that quickly open up the inner states, energetic shifts and mental insight you need to move forward right away.

Click here to see what other’s have to say about Dylan’s coaching and reach out to schedule a chat with him to see if you are a fit to work together!

UZAZU Certification Training for Professional Coaches and Therapists

Are you a professional coach or therapist looking to transcend the limitations of the talk-centered and rational-thinking approaches to facilitating personal growth and healing? UZAZU’s powerful bodymind principles and practices combined with it’s deep integration of current developmental theories and neurological repatterning techniques can quickly take your professional practice to the next level.

Our combination of a Self-paced Online Course and the 6-day Live Immersion training will give you a solid, embodied understanding in: 

  • The fundamental theory and method of UZAZU
  • The core neuro-physiological mind-body patterns of UZAZU
  • How to use UZAZU as a personal practice for rapid emotional/energetic integration
  • How to structure and conduct UZAZU-based sessions
  • How to integrate UZAZU into your existing professional practice

After completing the self-paced online course and the 6-day Live Immersion, you will have done all necessary prerequisites to enroll in the 3-Month Supported Practicum (an online process with live, bi-monthly c group calls), which is the final step in receiving your UZAZU Embodied Change Facilitator certification. The practicum allows you to benefit from community support and ongoing concrete feedback from Dylan during the critical first 3-month period of applying UZAZU in your sessions.

Click here and read more about the Professional UZAZU Training

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